We are the Canadian representatives for the WinTech Racing company whose North American head office and warehousing facilities are in Norwalk, Connecticut, about a one hour drive from New York city, and also for the Alden Rowing Company whose head office is in Boxborough, Massachusetts, about 40 km west of Boston.

To see the complete list of boats and products, we suggest you look at the website of each:

WinTech: view WinTech site
WinTech has achieved an enviable reputation for their recreational rowing shells, for the security and safety features, as well as the standard features like the easy step-in plate, the Quick Release aluminum wing riggers, the stabelizer pontoons and special seats for adaptive rowing, as well as their specially made adjustable oars. The Explorer 21' single and 30' double take the open water and choppy conditions extremely well. The Explorer 24 is made for the rower seeking a 14" wide beam and combining it with the performance and style of a true racing shell. The WinTech racing shells are equally impressive with the same features, plus incredible performance designing, and the first self-bailing systems as seen on their website. WinTech also makes available portable and rolling racking as well as full size racks, wakeless launches with extra-length Mercury engines, and aluminum and steel trailers for hauling a full complement of club shells and equipment to regattas.

Alden: view Alden site
The Alden Rowing Company has been the innovator of recreational rowing. The first Alden Ocean Shells were 16' long for the single and 18' long for the double, which can also be rowed as a single by removing one of the patented “Oarmaster" sliding seat/riggers assemblies. Many of these original shells are still entered in races and row-arounds sponsored by the International Recreational & Open Water Rowers Association (www.irow.org) .

Now, Alden makes very secure wider shells for rowers requiring the stability of a wider shell and where launching is done from beaches in open water. The Quest is a 16" shell with solid fibreglass molding, while the Alden Star single at 21' and double at 29' provide years of enjoyment while just 18" wide.

Hyndsight: view Hyndsight site
Hyndsight Vision Systems Camera and Monitor. It's a totlly wireless portable camera and monitor for real time video streaming. It can be used for multiple applications including, for example: Rowing, trailers (horse, boat, snowmobile, utility), boats, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, watching your kids in the backyard. This portable system provides "backup" camera technology for multiple uses with no wiring and no installation. Allows for total mobility. The rechargeable, water resistant system provides "real life view" of where you're going for safety. The sunlight readable screen provides clear vision in all weather conditions. And, it's easily mounted anywhere.

The pricing as shown on the websites are the actual pricing you will pay, and they are based in $US currency. There are applicable Provincial and federal taxes payable upon entry into Canada. A NAFTA certificate makes entry available without additional duties. We bring the boats into the country for you, make all applicable declarations and avoid the need for customs' brokers. We deliver the boats to your destination, set them up for you, and provide an individual lesson in rowing if required at no extra charge.

There is an additional delivery charge applicable to all boats and equipment as the website prices are based on pick-up at the manufacturer's location. These delivery charges vary and are based on the distance travelled and combination of boats delivered at any one time.

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