ServicesGetting into the sport costs as little as $100 to join a "Learn To Row" group at a local rowing club. Generally, there are about 10 sessions on the water. Joining a club for a season varies depending on the club but generally is about $500 per year which allows for continued coaching and access to a variety of shells.

Buying a new boat and oars can cost about $5,000 including taxes and delivery for a recreational shell, and a few thousand dollars more for a racing shell. But these are one-time costs and require no added expenses for many years. Compare this to a golfer whose equipment is only $1000, but the expense of joining a club may be $4,000 annually or more depending on the club.

Services MAPLE LEAF R.O.W.E.R.S Ltd will help find the right boat for you, taking into account the factors of experience, desire to race or row recreationally, water course to be rowed on, docking and water launching, weight of the rower, and pricing.

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