Maple Leaf
Truck"Rowing is probably the only sport where you can win medals while you are sitting on your butt and going backwards"

Maple Leaf R.O.W.E.R.S. Ltd. is a Southern Ontario company offering two separate services:


We are the Canadian representatives for WinTech Racing, offering the complete line of WinTech racing and recreational shells, as well as all related rowing equipment including oars, slings, racks, wakeless launches, car-top carriers, and all products shown on WinTech's website

WinTech Boat

We are also the Ontario representatives for the Alden Rowing company, manufacturers of over 20,000 recreational shells since the company was created by Arthur Martin back in 1971, when the first Alden Ocean Shells were sold. Visit Alden's website at

Alden Star and Alden Ocean Shell


We are the Canadian distributors for Hyndsight Vision Camera and monitors. The ultimate safety feature for rowers from the single scull up to the coxed eight. The bow mounted camera wirelessly connects to a glare resistant rechargeable monitor easily mounted to the rower's foot stretcher or the coxswain's seat for better visibility. Navigate any waterway with a clear field of vision. Never have to turn around again. Or, place the camera at the rear of the boat trailer for safer transport. Other applications include bicycle rear mounted, to spot oncoming traffic, watch your steaks on the BBQ from inside the house, view your baby sleeping from your TV chair, and dozens more.
Alden Star and Alden Ocean Shell

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